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Appointment Booking Addon[M2]

Appointment Booking Addon enables admin as well as vendor to create every bookable-items such as appointments, Movie and Event Tickets, Car or Bike Renting etc.

Key features :

  • Admin and vendor can create non-working rules (Date, Day and a particular interval-type).

  • Admin and vendor can create bookable items for DEFINITE TIME-INTERVAL.

  • Admin and Vendors can manage Booking Orders.

  • Admin can manage Appointment Booking Settings.

Compatibility: Magento 2.1
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Developed for Online Reservation and Booking Marketplace, this Addon ensures its users – admin or vendor – to create each type of booking i.e. from appointments to event tickets and from car rentals to seminar booking. All the TIME INTERVAL based events can be easily created with this module.


This addon can be used only with Online Booking and Reservation Marketplace system.

The admin can enable/disable appointment-type booking.

The admin and vendors can create bookable items with hours intervals.

Admin and Vendors can add non-working rules (date, day and specific interval wise).

Admin and vendors can easily manage Booking Orders.

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